No to dog fouling!

Originally uploaded by Karol A
I was very amused by this thread on Flickr and Passive-Agressive notes. On the road right beside where I live, there is a family I call the "Shitty" family. I call them that because for 11 months a year the family pooch defecates on the pavement across the road to such an extent you simply cannot walk on it.

Now they must have a holiday home or more likely a caravan somewhere, beacuse they seem to disappear for a large chunk of the summer, and since this is Ireland the torrential rain we've had before this week always sweeps away their dogs mess.

This year however, with really fine weather, the smouldering heaps are now white smouldering heaps, but in time, no doubt, they too will be history.

Now my concern here as a neighbour is this -
- why do neighbours not complain?
- there is considerable fuss about illegal parking and "outsider" parking in the area, but nothing on this
- and why do the city council not clean the pavements at least once in a blue moon?

I was thinking of starting to photograph the dogs doings when the Shitty people come home and start shitting again, and publicly shaming them. Sure, its legally iffy to photograph a car or somebody and plonk on the web, but a dog? Well, what do you think? Is it a goer or no? Could be a fun one for Indymedia!


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