BBC podcasting outside of the UK

I have a nice habit, since my sleeping patterns managed to completely break down into 1-2 hour sessions, of leaving my alarm off at the weekend so I somehow manage to vaguely compensate for the sleep I miss out on during the rest of the week. Last Sunday I managed to wake up at 3pm having dropped off at midnight the night before - I don't I've ever managed to sleep for 15 hours before, even after several days of flying from the opposite side of the world. I still felt sleepy.

Anyway one of the catches of sleeping in until midday on Saturdays is I miss my secret pleasure, BBC Radio 3's Saturday morning CD Review. I've listening to this now for almost 20 years, since I started college. In north county Dublin you can still (for the time being anyway) pick up BBC radio on FM in reasonable stereo from across the border in South County Down (is this why the vegetables selling at the Swords farmers market from the folks with the clearly south Down accent is regarded as "local"?) Anyway its something I've missed since moving down south, and even when I was southside in Dublin, though analogue cable radio feeds compensated during the south Dub years.

Last year I bought a Binatone radio in Argos in Belfast for about 80 euros which handles FM, DAB and internet radio over wifi - what a snip! Now I listen to not only Dublin stations I can't get here like East Cost FM, and UK stations like Gaydar, but I can even listen to stations I discovered driving around California like KLOS classic rock and Latino 96.3 from LA! Best of all, I could listen to BBC radio 3 on Saturday mornings for this programme. Download subscriptions have replaced my once expensive and space consuming CD buying habits, but I still read the Gramphone sometimes and listen to CD review.

Anyway my radio set handles podcasts, so normally if I miss CD Review I listen to the podcast repeat. But this week, something very disappointing - a message telling me that the broadcast is not available outside the UK. Since this programme has been available for some years on the listen again service, it seems I am going to have to go back to old fashioned complicated methods. Sadly, my push button days of enjoying CD review in bed seem to be over.

But at leasts I've discovered this website,
This is fantastic as there was a time I used to use download managers and complicated weblinks to pull down the "listen again" episodes. But looks like there is still an easy-ish way to do this. It looks unfortunately like I'm back to converting files from RA to MP3 format again for the moment anyway. But its a useful website with really handy links for stuff BBC have been increasingly hiding away.


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