I have been quite interested in rainfall over the last few days. Like most people, I huddle indoors when the weather turns foul and large amounts of water pours all over the place. And seeing as this is now the 3rd summer running where we've had far more rainfall than sunshine in Ireland I may as well. In fact I have actually got to a point where I do wonder if it was a relationship-induced delusion that made me ignore the absence of a sunny season in Ireland or indeed I'd been living under way too much work/alcohol or a combination of both for too long to appreciate that actually, no, there isn't a lot of sunshine in Ireland.

Anyway one of the nicer aspects of rainfall is I don't need to water my copious plantation out in the terrace (except for my tomatos and the other plant that remains nameless that Christina kindly resccued from being dumped and planted in the shaded area in the back, where it sort of lives without thriving but doesn't die or look unhealthy enough to relocate). In fact I had to go and rescue my flat leaf parsley as it was actually drowning and its now safely located indoors in the dry (but unfortunately no sunshine, as I more or less live in the dark).

Anyway I was looking out after a shower at the terrace during a brief period of sunshine and noticed what looked like steam rising. Indeed it actually was steam - the heat from the sun was actually drying off the very neglected decking that makes up the top of the terrace and not an underbed fire about to burn half the neighbourhood down, thankfully.

On Saturday I couldn't help noticing how in classic Irish builders fashion, the Dunnes stores redev on the Panna is causing interesting flood patterns due to pavement damage that no doubt you and I the taxpayer will end up footing the bill for. But more interestingly, couldn't help noticing how a large pool was developing outside of Gloria Jeans, which could easily have turned into a flood if this continued. I texted my sister who replied with "at least you've no risk of flooding on top of that huge hill you live on."

But actually, I couldn't help noticing very particular patterns of drainage from around Sydney/Wellesley and the "nameless lane" that my neighbour Maureen Quill tried to name before she left the council. The water flows not only in a very particular way from the top of the hill, but also around Wellington road, and down Summerhill. I wonder how much of this has been studied by water services (must ask Suz).

Anyway it sure beats Mala, which still suffers appalling floods at the tiniest rainfall. My friend Kate advises me that last time this resulted in water coming above the hurdles on the racecourse!


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