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RTE's Nauseating new radio schedule

I decided to have a quick flick through RTE's "wonderful" new schedule since I live in a world of radio and 4 channel land tv. So I don't exactly have a huge amount of choice, though I do feel, sufficient for a few hours of amusement once or twice a week. My 180 euro licence fee is almost breakable down per hours of watching time - I think right now its probably equivalent to the amount of time I spend per year actually viewing, since there is so much unwatchable tripe on the terrestrial domestic stations.

So its was with sheer disgust and horror that I discover that the highly entertaining and well informed Liz Nolan (who I know from her Kodaly Society days) is being replaced with the utterly repulsive and classical ignoramus 80s style RTE2 creep Marty Whelan. Why doesn't somebody shoot this idiot? He was horrible and housewifey enough on 2FM, never mind a modern classical station that needs to sell itself to a broad church, and not just the kind of people wh…

Equality Progress

I've noted with interest two moves of note over the weekend. Firstly there has been a really interesting publication on the GLEN website containing a professionally produced interpretation of the Civil Partnership legal changes. I cannot stress how important it is to be fully aware of the actual contents of the original 120 page borefest before you even look at this, since a lot of the queens screaming about inequality haven't actually read what it contains, have a limited or second hand notion about its contents and the issues it attempts or doesn't attempt to address. My main issue with GLEN is their tendency to drift into enormously long and boring documentations rather than handling issues in a way likely to put you to sleep. But well worth looking through the documents on their website.

The document however, is most enlightening since ultimately, neither government deputy nor individual gay/bi person is going to be doing the interpretation but the legal industry. …

Complaint emailed to Urbus about poor customer service

To Whom it may concern:

Yesterday I went to catch your morning bus at 7.40 am from the Rathbeale Rd in Swords as i was delighted to discover last time I stayed in Dublin that this bus goes directly to the airport terminal. I caught it last time at the same time on the last stop on the Rathbeale Road at the same scheduled time.

However I was extremely angry as instead of stopping for me the driver did not stop and aggravated the situation by wagging his finger sanctimoniously at me. As a result I was left stranded and it must have been obvious to the driver that I was not a regular user of the service and so would not have known which stops service this route and which don't. Instead he chose to deny me a service, was contemptuous of me as a customer and truly arrogant. As I was stranded without any other bus to take me to the airport in time for my flight as there are no other airport bound services for the next 45 minutes: I was forced to take a taxi.

This is an appalling way to…