Complaint emailed to Urbus about poor customer service

To Whom it may concern:

Yesterday I went to catch your morning bus at 7.40 am from the Rathbeale Rd in Swords as i was delighted to discover last time I stayed in Dublin that this bus goes directly to the airport terminal. I caught it last time at the same time on the last stop on the Rathbeale Road at the same scheduled time.

However I was extremely angry as instead of stopping for me the driver did not stop and aggravated the situation by wagging his finger sanctimoniously at me. As a result I was left stranded and it must have been obvious to the driver that I was not a regular user of the service and so would not have known which stops service this route and which don't. Instead he chose to deny me a service, was contemptuous of me as a customer and truly arrogant. As I was stranded without any other bus to take me to the airport in time for my flight as there are no other airport bound services for the next 45 minutes: I was forced to take a taxi.

This is an appalling way to treat customers. If it were the case that not all the services are served by this bus, if it is obvious that a commuter is airport bound and probably doesn't realise, then it is basic courtesy to pick up but advise the customer so. Wagging fingers sanctimoniously whilst driving by is a nasty way to treat a customer who is about to be left stuck. The driver in question is clearly in need of basic customer service training. Last time I got the bus from this stop the driver didn't mention it wasn't an official stop, didn't complain at all.

I would suggest you treat your customers with a little more courtesy if you wish, in these trouble economic times, to retain customers, and your drivers would best be advised that their arrogance and contempt will be remembered by users of the service and spread widely.

kind regards

Laura Farrell



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