RTE's Nauseating new radio schedule

I decided to have a quick flick through RTE's "wonderful" new schedule since I live in a world of radio and 4 channel land tv. So I don't exactly have a huge amount of choice, though I do feel, sufficient for a few hours of amusement once or twice a week. My 180 euro licence fee is almost breakable down per hours of watching time - I think right now its probably equivalent to the amount of time I spend per year actually viewing, since there is so much unwatchable tripe on the terrestrial domestic stations.

So its was with sheer disgust and horror that I discover that the highly entertaining and well informed Liz Nolan (who I know from her Kodaly Society days) is being replaced with the utterly repulsive and classical ignoramus 80s style RTE2 creep Marty Whelan. Why doesn't somebody shoot this idiot? He was horrible and housewifey enough on 2FM, never mind a modern classical station that needs to sell itself to a broad church, and not just the kind of people who are listening in the kitchen over endless cups of teas and fags. This will ruin what was a really enjoyable lunchtime choice.

In fact I'm seriously thinking of writing to complain. As somebody who has taken the trouble to inform themselves and learn classical music properly its utterly disgusting to see mikey mouse old cronyistic pop retiree DJ's being shat onto the classical station because there is no real room for them elsewhere. Classical radio needs people who can programme in a dynamic way, not just simply out of a pool of 40 top-40 hits. What a shame. No doubt the ratings will drop.


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