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Cork Guiness Festival shows its true colours

Very amused by the sponsorship row over Cork's own Oktoberfest, which masquerades as a music festival. (Oh yes, did I mention I'm quite a jazz fan?) For years now most years (bar maybe one or two) I've looked in bemusement over the line ups for the so-called "jazz" fesitval, which in reality is just the Cork Guiness Festival, nothing more than a drinking festival, wondering where the jazz is (folk and rock and roll seems to be the only music for most of this festival, in contrast to the really good Choral Festival every May, where the emphasis really is on choral music and not simply on filling pubs and balladeers pretending to play "jazz").

This year, the Examiner tells us, there is no "headline" act at the opera house, due to a dispute over Murphy's sponsorship of said house. Like the "jazz" festival that has little jazz, Cork "opera" house is an "opera" house with very little opera. In fact, no opera at …


I really enjoyed some posts about Tom of Finland (since I have to admit to being a bit of an unconventional fan) and the transition away from this kind of stereotyping to more heteronormative models of masculinity in gay male identity post HIV from Trevorade and Queer Today.

I would strongly agree with the notion that endorsing stereotypes is bad stuff, but partly because I do feel from my own experience, in practice, that this can lead to cultural exclusions against ourselves. For example dyke unease against a perceived "invasion" of gay "spaces" by "fag hags" [i.e. straight women who socialise extensively with gay men] in a world where the stereotypying of gay women has broken down considerably, has in the past and still does lead to conscious exclusion of non-stereotypical gay women inside the womens community, as well as passing uncalled for and inappropriate judgements against straight (and not so straight) women who choose to socialise on the gay sc…

NAMA: we all live in negative equity

Two things caught my eye this week, the obvious, the second of which was NAMA, and the valuations of the loans involved (and most interestingly, the proportion of bank loans to which weach institution contributes). The interesting thing for me is that indeed, what we were told appears to have been almost true in some cases - construction WAS the economy. But nobody seems to have pointed out the obvious in the case of PTSB, and even to some extent AIB and others - for the more "mainstream" banks, development loans were NOT and are not the bulk of their lending. Indeed, PTSB is not involved with NAMA at present - interesting considering that the entire basis of PTSB was largely based on residential lending - was there a policy of not engaging in the commercial side of this business? Rather interesting, if this is the case. PTSB I would guess would still have a large portfolio of delinquent residential loans, none of which will come under NAMA as it stands, and would surel…

Fresh from Midleton

I spent a pleasant Saturday afternoon in Midleton at the annual Food Festival, which happens every September. The nice thing about the food festival is that it extends the normal Saturday market to being a full day, rather than its usual end at 2pm. At least its a weekend market, a lot of markets are inaccessible to those folks like me who work regular office hours (with the sole exception of the little market in East Village in Douglas, which is near enough to drop into for lunch).

There were a few special mentions worth making. On Friday I spotted a tweet on twitter from Dee of Dee's Wholefoods who does both the Midleton annual and the weekly in Douglas. I had a grand chat with the lady herself on Friday - she makes her own veggie burgers from organic ingredients, and they really are lovely. She also does rather nice soups. Its great to see somebody making something for themselves. Amongst other places, many Supervalu stores in the Cork region now stock her burgers, as wel…

Free ticket for Munster v Glasgow

Anybody interested in a free ticket for Munster versus Glasgow on Friday? I can't make it to Limerick in time for kick off. Mail me if interested.