Fresh from Midleton

I spent a pleasant Saturday afternoon in Midleton at the annual Food Festival, which happens every September. The nice thing about the food festival is that it extends the normal Saturday market to being a full day, rather than its usual end at 2pm. At least its a weekend market, a lot of markets are inaccessible to those folks like me who work regular office hours (with the sole exception of the little market in East Village in Douglas, which is near enough to drop into for lunch).

There were a few special mentions worth making. On Friday I spotted a tweet on twitter from Dee of Dee's Wholefoods who does both the Midleton annual and the weekly in Douglas. I had a grand chat with the lady herself on Friday - she makes her own veggie burgers from organic ingredients, and they really are lovely. She also does rather nice soups. Its great to see somebody making something for themselves. Amongst other places, many Supervalu stores in the Cork region now stock her burgers, as well as the Quay Co-Op in town. The full list is on her website. The burgers themselves are very tasty and low in fat.

Secondly, and a real delight I discovered at the Electric Picnic, is Badger and Dodo coffee. These are a roaster based in Fermoy, and among their customers are Ballymaloe House. This really is the nicest coffee I've had in years. Even Cork Coffee Roasters don't quite reach this lovely, lovely brew. I bought a 250 gram bag for 5 euros on Saturday and had a lovely creamy latte. They can be found on the web here. They don't have a shop, but they will happily post you out their freshly roasted beans or grounds if you call them and ask Brock nicely. Otherwise, you can visit the Fermoy Sunday market or UL market on Tuesdays to sample their fine brews.

Otherwise Midleton was lovely as ever, I took the train for a change, and was well impressed. I had heard a rumour a long time back that they intended moving the original location of the station, but was delighted to see it remained in its original location. Beautifully restored, the station really does enhance whats already a lovely town. The service is quite good too - they offer an hourly service without hurting the existing service to Cobh, something which I am impressed by as sometimes "improvements" to Irish public transport schedules are done at the expense of existing routes. (I will never forgive Dublin Bus for the devastation it did to the old 13 route in 1997). Everything of course is brand new, and there were plenty of passengers. Nice to see my old friend in Egan coaches running a shuttle to the main street, though to be honest, its only a short stroll and a nice walk past the Old Mill.

There was lots to look at and buy from stalls over the day, both the folks mentioned above, the usual Saturday market people, plus a load of other goodies - including craft stalls, and a "mobile farm" which was rather popular. The allotments people in Ladysbridge were also around, which interests me as a flat dwelling city person.


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