How shameless can you get?

It was in reading this account from RTE of the funeral of Stephen Gately. Aside from the obvious strangeness of a traditional catholic ceremony for a chap who was living in a state of what the church describes as an "intrinsic disorder" and a "moral evil." Does the church really need the "business" that badly and are those around the late singer so unwilling to stand up to the powers of "tradition" and provide an end more appropriate for somebody who in all honestly, is hugely unlikely to have had much of a "catholic" life. (Before you get on your moral high horse, I've seen some wonderful non-theist send-offs for people who did not force a catholic or christian or other format onto the late persons life, one of the best being a gentle and completely non-religious ceremony for a TCD lecturer of whom nobody actually knew what his beliefs were - this is true dignity).

But it was the last line that really made me want to vomit:
450 invited guests are attending a funeral party in the Four Seasons Hotel, Ballsbridge.

Says it all, really.


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