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A GUBU once again

I was far too young to remember the notoriety of multiple murderer Malcolm McArthur turning up as a house guest in the Attorney General's house in 1982, never mind the equally scandalous phone bugging affair, which brough the end to a government, and made a name for Madam O'Carroll-Kelly editor. She was also, for a while, a rather good FG TD, a shame we lost her again, then again the voting public are none too grateful about quality FG TDs - look at poor Nora Owen - sure who would stand on a fading premise after that unfortunate shocker back home in Fingal county.

Anyway, I was at first slightly bemused by the account of Irisgate, the now notorious account of whats appears now to be a complete depressive breakdown, then an account of an affair with a "businessmen", some talk of questionable financial transactions, and finally the big shocker - the "businessman" was in fact the 19 year old son of a late friend.

I had to pinch myself and make sure I haven'…

Aida Allen of Katy, Texas, you are the dumbest women in America

I've had a gmail account pretty much since they started their beta in 2004, and am very proud that I managed to get the address I wanted since it was the early days and I really like the features over hotmail, not least the very powerful spam handling capabilities.

Anyway I was quite surprised when other friends also went onto Gmail that they were not getting the enormous spam volumes I seemed to be getting - maybe the odd one sent to a random address, not a massive onslaught of daily spam. For a while I coulnd't figure out why.

Now as some of you probably know, there are numerous unscrupulous websites, including some running apps on Facebook and other social networking sites, that do sell on their harvested email addresses. We know that is the nature of those occasional sites you can't use without signing up to somewhere. Anyway, I noticed something when I started browsing the mails.

Most of them - hundreds every month, appeared to be addressed to one "Aida Allen&quo…

VHI - the Great RipOff Continues

Of all the companies, state, semistate, public and private sector, few have been so persistent and determined in gouging the customer as the semistate VHI. Not happy with fleecing its own custmers while extorting record profits and more or less controlling the private healthcare industry with a vice-like grip, VHI engaged on years of blatant obstructionism in permitting and fair playing field for competition in health insurance, and battled competitiors challenges in courts as far as Europe in order to maintain its massive market share, a perception that it alone treated older customers well, and that its persistent overcharging of lower income customers in order to massively subsidise Fat Cats on its luxury plans D and E is in some way in the public interest. (It took many years for BUPA to successfully challenge the fact that subsidises provided to the state company under "risk equalisation" would in fact end up going to VHI's fund to shore up its loss-making luxury …