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Being pissed off over Trevor

You know, I am more than a bit upset over T Sargeant. Its not just about what he did - after a quick phone call home the other day, all was explained and after my bro's experience visiting a friend in Balbriggan last year and having his car completely vandalized to the tune of a couple of hundred euro, and living in Cork inner city where my own car has had double that amount of damage dome by scumbags, I understand why the attempted intervention.

But hey, Trevor could have easily easily explained all of that to an Ireland tired of coming home to kicked in mirrors and cracked windscreens. What pisses me off is why the immediate kneeling at FF's altar and giving in.
He had every justificiation forfighting this - he didn't - why?

Giving in to the FF oligarchy? Maybe.

I think we deserve better.

Anyway I quickly read Lucinda Cerighton's piece and nearly pissed myself. Why? Because if Trev resigns his Dail seat, the main FG candidate in that region is why I am no longer an F…

An Open Letter to Deirdre de Burca

Dear Deirdre:

As a former Green party voter, who shall never, ever again be deceived into voting for a party that you now so correctly describe as an extension of Fianna Fail, I wish to congratulate you on your honesty and integrity. I truly hope that your future finds you somewhere that you can continue your hard work with the same fundamental values.

I was born and bred in Irelad's most corrupt constituency of North Dublin and saw at first hand what property development based politics was doing to the locality. I was gratified by Trevor Sargeants local rise and despite coming from a slight FG background (and having been a party member at a couple of stages of my life) ended up regularly voting for Trevor. I couldn't vote FG due to the continued membership and candidacy of somebody who felt it constistent with her values to accept tens of thousands of pounds from developers while workingin a senior capacity for the then Eastern Health Board and giving the developers advice o…

Is Ryanair really still cheaper?

Something I've noticed lately is how Ryanair's hardpressed competitors have been engaging in tit-for-tat pricing policies which take advantage of what appears to be recent rises in the price structures for Ryanair flights.

Over the last few years Ryanair have engaged in a systematic campaign of separating out processes (such as check in) into paid-for services, some of which are avoidable - for example baggage or tickets printed at the desk, but increasingly some of which are unavoidable, like "online check-in" fees of 5 euros per flight and the notorious 5 euro card payment fee. Between the two of these, 20 euros can be added to the cost of a flight. Add bagagge and that total is an extra 50 euros.

Aer Arann are starting to run "happy hours" and sales and if you want a seat of your own and to bring your bags, not to mention the possibility of getting to transfer to the next flight, you can enjoy this now at a cheaper rate than many Ryanair flights, since m…