Being pissed off over Trevor

You know, I am more than a bit upset over T Sargeant. Its not just about what he did - after a quick phone call home the other day, all was explained and after my bro's experience visiting a friend in Balbriggan last year and having his car completely vandalized to the tune of a couple of hundred euro, and living in Cork inner city where my own car has had double that amount of damage dome by scumbags, I understand why the attempted intervention.

But hey, Trevor could have easily easily explained all of that to an Ireland tired of coming home to kicked in mirrors and cracked windscreens. What pisses me off is why the immediate kneeling at FF's altar and giving in.
He had every justificiation forfighting this - he didn't - why?

Giving in to the FF oligarchy? Maybe.

I think we deserve better.

Anyway I quickly read Lucinda Cerighton's piece and nearly pissed myself. Why? Because if Trev resigns his Dail seat, the main FG candidate in that region is why I am no longer an FG member, why I refuse to be an FG member, and why I will not sign back up as one. We got somebody who has recently boo-hooed in front of tribunals for taking 20k off corrupt developers for "consultation" work she never did, while working for the Eastern Health Board, and owing 50k to the revenue - and not expelled from FG? Why not? Why can we have a corrupt FG councillor representing Swords and denying FG the 2 seats we once had in North Co Dub, the place I still call home, after so long away? Please tell me FG, why are you not selling us better while whinging?


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