An Open Letter to Deirdre de Burca

Dear Deirdre:

As a former Green party voter, who shall never, ever again be deceived into voting for a party that you now so correctly describe as an extension of Fianna Fail, I wish to congratulate you on your honesty and integrity. I truly hope that your future finds you somewhere that you can continue your hard work with the same fundamental values.

I was born and bred in Irelad's most corrupt constituency of North Dublin and saw at first hand what property development based politics was doing to the locality. I was gratified by Trevor Sargeants local rise and despite coming from a slight FG background (and having been a party member at a couple of stages of my life) ended up regularly voting for Trevor. I couldn't vote FG due to the continued membership and candidacy of somebody who felt it constistent with her values to accept tens of thousands of pounds from developers while workingin a senior capacity for the then Eastern Health Board and giving the developers advice on EHB land. Until FG expells this person from its fold it cannot moan about FF corruption.

Like many Green voters I felt bitterly angry and betrayed when Gormless let the electorate down and supported FF instead of coalition building with the opposition. They sold us out completely, and many of us will never trust the Greens again. We've been sold a pig in a poke on development, on the environment, on serious issues such as waste management and the use of natural resources. Serious contenious issues like Rossport have been abandoned to extreme left-wing crusties and Shannon remains utterly dependent on the US millitary while the rest of the airline industry sings to Michael O Learys tune. This whole package was one of massive deceit. It wasn't what the Greens have ever offered us.

There is no doubt that Bertie and Biffo made a fool of the Greens, but they made a bigger fool of Green voters. You are right and honst to resign your role. The Greens are lying when they pretend there is no split in the party. The party is and has been utterly ravaged. Power has eaten its heart out and left it a hollow, meaningless shell. It no longer has any real power since only the occasional bit of lip service is done to the Green issues it once addressed. I suspect by the end of the election Trevor will be sitting on his own in the Dail, if at all.

Anyway thanks for standing up for ex Green voters and for being honest, best of luck with your next plans.

all the best

a disgruntled ex Green voters


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