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Being laid off - the musical

Well finally my time has come around. Outside my infamous "Reginald Perrin" stint in London over 01-02, I've worked in about 4 jobs in Ireland since I fell out of teaching music and into IT in July 2000. One common feature of all of these jobs has been the almost annual redundancy round and eventual closedown or partial closedown. In fact only one of the concerns (many of them household names) is still a going concern, with the 4th, which I'm still working for, just about on the line.

Anyway we got told a couple of weeks ago that our jobs are - as they euphemistically put it - "at risk." What the hell is "at risk?" Does it mean that your job isn't necessary? Or that you are not pulling your weight? Not at all, what it really is appears to be a kind of convenient limbo status into which employees can be put while going through the process of either looking for ways to mitigate the redundancy process. At least thats what we are told.
But &…

Jean Byrne's Meteoric Rise

With my job on the line and the daunting thought of having to move back to Dublin after being away from it 9 years, I have become addicted to the weather forecast. Yes, you heard me right, and not just about the icy conditions of the roads or possible frost on my remaining window boxes outside. Its the marvellously glamorous meteorologist Jean Byrne on RTE which has me hooked.

Basically whatever happened in the wardrobe department last year, Jean's wardrobe sense has taken on a life of its own. Its wonderful! As somebody posted on twitter earlier: "bondage lite." For example, the other day, while seriously describing weather patterns across Europe, I couldn't help noticing that she had her fingernails painted black. Yes black.

There are silver dresses, shiny materials, bare arms (nice arms too), a little cleavage, and a fabulous leather number which is rather flattering. The necklaces are often large and clunky, and the whole wardrobe OOZES personality and indiv…