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A bigot is a bigot is a bigot

Today Gordon Brown got a swipe from the meeja for describing an elderly lady who had just made the usual semi-guarded, ignorant sideswipe at immigrant as a bigot.

Isn't there something terribly wrong with a society that pretends that its ok to spout misinformation, generally based on prejudiced perception and a bit of old fashioned jealousy, but its not ok to call a spade a spade and tell those people what they are?

I mean, if you try to challenge this ignorant perception at all, then suddenly you're in the wrong.

Its basically down to this:
Loads of immigrants are here "illegally"
They are getting loads off the state
Britsh/Irish/Europeans [take your pick] are not getting these "benefits"

Its as simple as this lads.
1. If you haven't got a valid visa you'll more than likely be turned away at the arrival gates and put back on the next flight, unless of course some dodgy trafficker has promised you a job, followed it up with rape and drugging, and shoved you…

My letter of complaint to RTE should anybody wish to use it as a basis


Writing to express my concern about a very harmful organization being effectively allowed a voice on Pat Kenny's radio programme - Core Issues.

This group practice reparative therapy and are based in Northern Ireland. While the speaker this morning was softly spoken and gentle about his approach this concealed a considerable level of potentially harmful practice by this group whose website openly mentions their connection to the American group Exodus International. Their document at describes potential clients as "sexually damaged" and constantly mentions co-dependency. The organiser today is not an accredited psychiatrist, but a Theologian. Another link at describes Mike as studying "psychodrama". I had a quick check up on this and it appears that the accrediation body has an ethical code which…

Shame on RTE for giving "ex gay ministry" a voice

Today Pat Kenny had an ex gay ministry that is trying to break into Ireland after years of being discredited in the US. You can listen here.

You might be aware of an organization called SCOTT which is trying to inform people to stop this very dangerous and harmful movement from getting a foothold in Ireland. They can be contacted here. In addition, there is a considerable level of evidence as to the harm done to vulnerable and even not so vulnerable people by these charlatans, some of whom pose as legitimate counsellors simply out to help people achieve their objectives in life.

Even Pat Kenny asked a sensible question: is encouraging gay men to marry women who quite possibly are hetero deeply unfair? This was glossed over by the speaker as if somehow, it wasn't really of any consequence. Of course, in the world of Christian fundamentalism, women don't have a sexuality so you can throw any old crap at them. Brian Finnegan was wasted on this argument: he didn't put up t…

Vocanic Plumes

One of my great passions in life used to be plane crashes. Yeah. Towards the latter (dying) days of my last relationship, I spent whole evenings obsessively watching Seconds from Disaster, Air Crash Investigation, and anything else I could find regarding the phenomenon. I can probably tell you anything you want to know about the Ethopia disaster, the Tenerife air crash, Tuskar Rock, or the problems associated with the Comet from the 1950s. And then there was my personal favourite: BA flight 9.

It is tantamount to my old obsession that when I heard the news of the volcanic plume floating gently south from Iceland over the British Isles, my immediately thoughts were of flight 9. This was a long haul flight which took off from Kuala Lumpur (one of my favourite cities in Asia) en route to Melbourne via Perth. A few hours into the flight, the pilots noticed St Elmos fire in the cockpit. Next thing, engine 4 powered off, and while the flight engineer was battling it, engine 3 followed…

Fame & Humanity

Moving swiftly on from gorgeous meteorologists . . . well actually, kind of onto a related topic. Thanks to Dr Petra Boynton, the psychologist, sex educator and academic who tweeted about it, I read a very touching piece by Gia Milinovich, who is married to Dr Brian Cox, the ex D:Ream member who is now an academic and tv scientist, thanks in no small part to my own academic alma mater, the Open University (yeah, I'm more attached to the OU than I am to my former one of TCD, but thats a blog for another day). While many of the OU-sponsored BBC science and humanities programmes are often presented by slightly geeky academics, Cox's prior life on Top of the Pops has turned him a massive sex symbol for de laydeez.

Well, unfortunately for them, Cox is married to the very charming and herself rather attractive Gia. But it doesn't stop unthinking fans from not considering her feelings when posting away goodo on forums. And really this comes back to what I said in an earlier bl…

Representing a 360 degree view of Queer Realities

This piece is an extended version of a comment I posted on the LGBTPOV blog on the insane case of Joe Mannetti, an ex porn performer and bear who was removed from his position in GLIDE in LA for having previously acted in porn. It is believed that this was done at the behest of a complaint from one of the lesbians in the organization and taken as representative of a split between the "new school" activism which is perceived as prudish and aping heterocentric mores and the "old school" which fought hard to represent hard-to-represent groups such as those living with HIV, sex workers, those who used saunas and more marginal people within the bigger family.

As I'm familiar with the LA scene I am kinda shocked that this has happened here as the women's scene there is probably one of the most progressive in the world in terms of age, culture, style, lifestyle choices and sociality. The best example of this is the Dinah Shore weekends - there are at least 3 or 4…

Bullshittery of the Day award: Abtran

The bullshitter of the day award goes to Mr Michael Fitzgerald of Abtran in Cork, for this wonderful answer to the question of what levels of salaries the 300 new jobs coming to his company Abtran are likely to be on offer.

I really had to laugh. Aside from the "em . . . . em . . . . em . . . em" that went on for about 1 minute, the bullshittery involved in saying "competitive" is the usual clear sign that the jobs are a) Fás level, b) the minimum wage or c) potentially unlike to ever materialize at all, like similar service centres previously announced in Cork like this one (200 jobs announced, no more than 100 ever materialized, mostly in the 20k-23k per annum salary level, and place shut down almost entirely with a cumulative loss of about 90 roles over the 5 years), this one (1100 jobs promised, none ever materialized) and my special current favourite, this one (need I say any more).

So what exactly is a "competitive package?" I have heard so many rec…

Objectification & Fetishization in the Media

Spent some of this evening on Facebook trying to get through to some complete tool on one of the now many Jean Byrne groups on Facebook on the distinction between fetishism as a lifestyle practice and clothing or appearances that are merely potentially objectifiable in a fetishized manner.

I'm becoming increasingly uncomfortable with many of the FB groups and movements that are increasingly taking notice of Ms Byrne's shall we say, unique, form of dress for weather forecasts. As a result I've dropped out of all but Andy Hamilton's generally polite and restrained one, and try to avoid commenting or responding to comments that objectify either Ms Byrne or women in general.

Now don't get me wrong, its still a fascinating national sport, probably worth an occasional bet on Paddy Power as to what colour or style will appear next. But I don't like the way the whole thing is developing into fair game for this rather quiet and refined lady to be projected as a piece of…

Intersectional conflict in LGBT Activism

I've just read a few pieces about the appalling case of Joe Mannetti and his treatment by Gays and Lesbians Initiating Dialogue For Equality in LA. Joe apparently some years back did a little ahem - specialist modelling - as a bear, which apparently GLIDE were aware of when he was hired to do some outreach work. And it seems he was rather good at his job too, which apparently is presenting a diversified image of gay life to the masses, which can only be a good thing.

But not so. Apparently a fellow volunteer complained about Mannetti's past and he was booted. GLIDE have refused to comment on the case, thanks to more hardline online pubs like the wonderful sex positive SF site The Sword, and LGBT POV things haven't been suppressed. The shame, however, in casting such a harsh judgement on Mannetti in terms of who does and who does not (or should not) represent us has exposed a deep chasm in the community.

The amusing piece in the Swords, barely contains the justifiable an…