A bigot is a bigot is a bigot

Today Gordon Brown got a swipe from the meeja for describing an elderly lady who had just made the usual semi-guarded, ignorant sideswipe at immigrant as a bigot.

Isn't there something terribly wrong with a society that pretends that its ok to spout misinformation, generally based on prejudiced perception and a bit of old fashioned jealousy, but its not ok to call a spade a spade and tell those people what they are?

I mean, if you try to challenge this ignorant perception at all, then suddenly you're in the wrong.

Its basically down to this:
Loads of immigrants are here "illegally"
They are getting loads off the state
Britsh/Irish/Europeans [take your pick] are not getting these "benefits"

Its as simple as this lads.
1. If you haven't got a valid visa you'll more than likely be turned away at the arrival gates and put back on the next flight, unless of course some dodgy trafficker has promised you a job, followed it up with rape and drugging, and shoved you into a brothel regardless of what you want.
Some are here on visas but on the whole these are given to workers coming from 1st world countries with masses of education and skills, not low end workers, who generally at best can only get temporary permits.
Eastern Europeans have largely taken lower paid work than similarly qualified western folk. Many in any case have gone back home as things start to slowly improve over there.
2. Asylum seekers from countries like the Congo, Sudan, Iran and Afghanistan are - incredibly - being refused asylum every day. Not that asylum gets them much right now - the best they can hope for is a chance to get a job in a few years time, maybe. At best they might get communal, hostel style accomodation, and a very tiny allowance.
Contrary to popular mythology, they don't get housing, cars, phones - those you see with those are here some years on work permits and have worked for them. Where I live even these are using 10-15 year old cars worth very little.
3. The vast majority of long term benefits recipients are locals. Many of them have not worked for years. Some have never worked. The same stringency in the system that tries to keep them from getting what is perceived to be "too much" is now kicking back as people losing jobs for the first time discover how mealy welfare really is. In Ireland, housing generally gets allocated to local people first, often on the basis on political patronage, which means allocations are often very local indeed. This is the result of chronic underallocation of resources, not unfair allocation to those from outside the state.
In fact, many new arrivals find themselves unable to qualify at all under residency rules - hence the large numbers going back home.

Adding to this, a large proportion of substandard accomodation in cities is disproportionately taken up by foreigners - because they cannot afford better. Because they earn considerably less than locals with the same qualifications and skills, often because they haven't got the networks and contacts to do better.

Britain is not going to suddenly explode if the population rises to 70 million, just as other countries don't either. Migration is a natural way of life that comes with globalisation and easier travel. It works two ways too, we can go to a great many places, often with no visa requirements. Our better educational system qualifies us for countries with stringent permit systems that workers from poorer countries are often totally cut off from - quite deliberately.

Lastly, the colour of somebodies skin doesn't disentitle them of a right to move around any more than the plague of UK and Irish citizens who have inflicted themselves all over Spanish and Portuguese beauty spots. On the whole most migrants are good citizens and certainly no worse than most locals.

Lets be open and honest and stop pretending that the Daily Mail hate-fest is anything more than a pack of lies and those who peddle it are anything less than bigots, once and for all.


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