My letter of complaint to RTE should anybody wish to use it as a basis


Writing to express my concern about a very harmful organization being effectively allowed a voice on Pat Kenny's radio programme - Core Issues.

This group practice reparative therapy and are based in Northern Ireland. While the speaker this morning was softly spoken and gentle about his approach this concealed a considerable level of potentially harmful practice by this group whose website openly mentions their connection to the American group Exodus International. Their document at describes potential clients as "sexually damaged" and constantly mentions co-dependency. The organiser today is not an accredited psychiatrist, but a Theologian. Another link at describes Mike as studying "psychodrama". I had a quick check up on this and it appears that the accrediation body has an ethical code which specifically includes non discrimination on the grounds of sexuality - this can be found at

A name mentioned on Core Issues website is Dr Paul Millar. As you may be aware Dr Millar resigned from his post at the Northern Ireland Mental Health foundation ( He has been associated with discredited MLA and MP Iris Robinson.
NARTH is also linked to on their site - another US organisation with a poor reputation for manipulative "therapy."

I could produce a wealth of evidence as to how harmful this group has the potential to become should they gain a foothold in Ireland, but I think the above is a start. The best source is the account of an undercover investigation into their therapy from the Independent here -

This is very worrying that RTE could allow such a group onto public airwaves in view of the evidence above.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,



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