Shame on RTE for giving "ex gay ministry" a voice

Today Pat Kenny had an ex gay ministry that is trying to break into Ireland after years of being discredited in the US. You can listen here.

You might be aware of an organization called SCOTT which is trying to inform people to stop this very dangerous and harmful movement from getting a foothold in Ireland. They can be contacted here. In addition, there is a considerable level of evidence as to the harm done to vulnerable and even not so vulnerable people by these charlatans, some of whom pose as legitimate counsellors simply out to help people achieve their objectives in life.

Even Pat Kenny asked a sensible question: is encouraging gay men to marry women who quite possibly are hetero deeply unfair? This was glossed over by the speaker as if somehow, it wasn't really of any consequence. Of course, in the world of Christian fundamentalism, women don't have a sexuality so you can throw any old crap at them. Brian Finnegan was wasted on this argument: he didn't put up the obvious questions, like that the methods used by groups such as this follow very harmful methods such as using Christian guilt, insinuations of there being "something wrong" with their upbringing, and nonsensical methods such as those practiced by Richard Cohen. In fact, there is evidence that Iris Robinson's "lovely psychiatrist" has connections to Cohen.

What I would encourage everybody to do is to join the group SCOTT on Facebook, and join them, myself and others in fighting this dangerous menace to the community.


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