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Finding It Tough

This week was a tough week. After 2 months job searching in the Cork area all I've managed to cough up is one single interview, of which I have yet to receive an outcome. Even then, its a company that I am more than a tad uneasy about, since they have laid off people in other divisions in recent months, offshoring jobs to low cost locations - thats exactly what I am in right now so understandably I'm more than a little uncomfortable going straight into a job where I could very well find myself in the same scenario in 2 or 3 years time. That said, its not gone that far yet, and might not either.

Anyway, I've moved onto Plan B which is spreading the jobsearch more evenly to the rest of Ireland, which to be honest wasn't hard, as I don't think there are any agencies left down here for me to harass or companies advertising openings that I know of. I've also chased up a few leads but no luck there so far. So now looking at Dublin, which might turn out to be more…

I'm qualified, get me out of here

I do have one or two little subscritions to a few "junk"-ish mailing lists, some of which purport to sell courses, seminars and various other webinars telling people all kinds of things - but mainly "get rich quick" schemes, pseudo self-help gimmicks, and finally online marketing as well as various kinds of business advice for would-be entrepeneurs.

It is, suffice to say, reasonable to expect that such entrepeneurship has always existed, although in recent years its moved away from graduates running consultancies, to what quite frankly now is rank amateurs giving - at about 10 times the cost - the same advice you can get from a book.

I am a big fan of What color is your parachute, a simple but effective book which effectively reteaches job seekers not only how to find a job but how to figure out what they are looking for in the first place. I discovered it during a very educational 13 weeks of unemployment in London in 2001, during which the main challenges were kee…

Still stranded due to volanic ash?

Got back from Gran Canaria via a "creative route" - after I initially found the only web option available to me after my flight EI783 on 11th May was cancelled was the 18th May, I figured out it was worth checking out other options.

Initially I checked out Ryanair and Easyjet - one had availablity to Dublin and the other to the UK but at an eyewatering 270 euros. So I though - why not check out Thomson - and discovered I could get to Belfast for just 140 euros. I then got a bus into Belfast and another bus to Dublin airport (cost around 25-30 euros). But had I not had the benefit of internet service at my hotel, I'd have been screwed.

My flight was due to leave at 19:40 on Tuesday but I only got info from Aer Lingus at 14:00. Now bear in mind most people would already have checked out of their hotels. I had to book another night in the hotel costing me 43 euros (rather fortunate as I am sure other places were not so cheap considering its one of the better places in PD…