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Job Scare

I actually had a job scare last week. You know the kind - not that nice warm fuzzy kind where you get offered an equal or better paid job somewhere decent that doesn't cause midnight phone calls, 50 hour weeks of unpaid overtime or months of nit-picking pain. It was where I currently work. I do love how these roles suddenly materialize out of nowhere.

Well it was the best bum deal I'd seen yet. In addition to losing your payoff, but keeping your job the deal was this: in return for being the bestest out of 4 peoples, you get no payrise (there's been no rise either for 2 years now) and are labelled as "senior" even if you are junior - which basically means back to decades of 50 hour weeks, ignominy and non-recognition.

So I decided to do a little math.

Anyway I deducted my "direct cost of employment" - i.e. what I pay to rent a flat, pay the bills, a tank of petrol and basic going-to-work stuff off what I currently earn, and then the savings of being…

A few words on Mayor Dara Murphy and his superflex/recession crap

Lovely for those who do not live in the real world to imagine an unreality like this.

PS I’m being laid off next week. I’m moving back in with my mum at the age of 37.

I have two words for Mayor Murphy, and the second one is “you.”

Redundancy for non unemployed people

Well you probably know it by now. You bump into somebody casually, and ask them how things are, between wondering why they are round about at 2pm as you thought they'd a really busy job. "Well," says your acquaintance, "actually I've been let go and have had no luck finding another job." Gosh. You were not really expecting that one. And don't know what to say. So you brush some kind of postive comment up, and are shocked when suddenly your pal gets visibly perturbed, or just makes some rapid excuse and leaves. Well here is a tip on how to avoid this kind of embarrasing scenario.

1. Don't trivialise or try to dress up the unemployed persons misfortune as something great. Don't try to tell somebody that its a blessing in disguise (yes its wonderful when your income drops by nearly 70% and you have to move back in with your mum at the age of 37) or that it might be "for the best." Thats just not understanding the very severe conse…

North Strand Bombing (25 of 57)

North Strand Bombing (25 of 57)
Originally uploaded by Dublin City Public Libraries Interesting photo. My mum had two aunts who were living on the North Strand at the time, one lost an eye but the other wasn't seriously injured. They lived to a ripe old age and only passed away around 10-15 years ago on Phillipsburgh Ave in Fairview.
The damage is quite astonishing considering there were only 4 bombs.

Cocktails - Wellington's Nightcap

The name is simply down to the name of the road I live on currently, which is named after the Duke himself - Wellesley Terrace.

I had a bottle of Hungarian Palinka - brandy basically, which was so awful to drink by itself I didn't know what to do with it. Looked up cocktail recipies, and found there was nothing much using lemon, triple sec or grendaine. Found a few using sugar syrup - good way of getting around the horrible bitterness of Hungarian liquor in general.

Anway here goes:

1 part apricot palinka or other brandy
1 part sugar syrup - basically just half water, half sugar
Lots of ice
Dash of grenadine

Shake the palinka and syrup in a cocktail shaker and strain over ice.
Add grenadine to taste.

Thats it.