Job Scare

I actually had a job scare last week. You know the kind - not that nice warm fuzzy kind where you get offered an equal or better paid job somewhere decent that doesn't cause midnight phone calls, 50 hour weeks of unpaid overtime or months of nit-picking pain. It was where I currently work. I do love how these roles suddenly materialize out of nowhere.

Well it was the best bum deal I'd seen yet. In addition to losing your payoff, but keeping your job the deal was this: in return for being the bestest out of 4 peoples, you get no payrise (there's been no rise either for 2 years now) and are labelled as "senior" even if you are junior - which basically means back to decades of 50 hour weeks, ignominy and non-recognition.

So I decided to do a little math.

Anyway I deducted my "direct cost of employment" - i.e. what I pay to rent a flat, pay the bills, a tank of petrol and basic going-to-work stuff off what I currently earn, and then the savings of being able to clear all my rolling credit (and still have half my severance). Basically, that knocks about 1300 euros off my monthly cost of living. By the time I deduct the loan repayment that might actually be insured against job loss - I am only a couple of hundred euro worse off.

So in other words, adding together what I will get on the dole for 6 months plus my severance actually exceeds what I would earn from July to December after tax!

So basically I realised that the bum deal was a very bum deal, particularly considering the near certainty that the office is going to be subjected to job cuts at least once a year until there isn't a soul left. So I just raced through the technical test and used the interview as a practice run for all the ones I have not had. Screw that.

I'm waiting on one interview externally, a company I went for twice about 4-5 years back. They had the most awful strung out hiring process, and I said "never again" but sure, beggars can't be choosers. They interviewed me in April, and I'm still waiting. Thankfully talking to some other places in Dublin at the moment. Hopefully something might pop up.


Unknown said…
Love your style of writing. You should work as freelance writer. May be it will help a bit.
Shoe said…
Thanks Danka! I do have to write documents as part of my rapidly disappearing job, so hopefully it will help! Hope things are going ok for you!

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