Getting real

One thing I find really annoying is the patronising comments you see on places like where some idiot who got laid off and got a job in 3 days tries to patronise the other 450,000 people on the dole who are finding things much harder.

Here are some gems:
"How can you be so picky?" (this was to a number of people who either are getting no reply or getting interviews but not an offer)
"You are getting 6 interviews a week and still no job?" (i.e. "you are lying" or "you are some kind of dumb person really" - actually I've had about 5 telephone and about 5 f2f interviews but no offers as yet - that unfortunately is a symptom of how tough it is, not how dumb or unbelieveable I am - and I know this because most of my colleagues have not yet managed to get a single interview)
"Why are you happy with turning 15 applications into 3 interviews? You should be turning 15 applications into 15 interviews?" (this has to be the most dumb and patronising of all - as if somehow you had the right to demand interviews or could twist arms!)

Basically lets get real here:
  • There are probably about 1 job for every 20 people unemployed.  Even if 60% of the dole queue were on short weeks, engaged in education or not interested in working this still means that there are 8 people chasing every job on average
  • Employers are very picky now about who they hire.  This may disadvantage some workers - especially if you are older or unqualified.  In addition with so many unemployed they can afford to screen out huge numbers of potentially loyal but non traditional candidates.
  • Hiring now has slowed down a lot.  A few years ago 1 interview was the norm, now I am finding typically a telephone interview followed by at least 2 interviews is very common.
  • Qualifications are king.  Hate to say it but if you left school and did a certificate you are now going to be way better off than somebody who just went straight into work out of school.  It might be "unfair" but it is the way things are.
  • Salaries may have fallen but real world living costs have been slow to drop.  I've been looking at rents for example - its still common to see 500 a month to SHARE a place, often as much as 750 in high end fancy pants places.  Very ordinary basic 1 bedroomed purpose built units still routinely command 800-100 a month in most parts of Dublin.  As a result people might find it impossible to even consider anything below what used to be an average salary.
So please think twice before you start to patronise somebody on boards who is finding it hard. It IS hard.  And for some, very hard.  So get off your high horse and stop being so bloody minded.  There are many less fortunate than you out there and they can do without your arsehole dumb opinions, ta.


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