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Is it just me or is the campaign over IRFU tickets hypocrisy?

This week IRFU announced their new ticket prices to a cackle of disapproval. With the new Landsdowne Rd just christened, it seems that even a standard ticket in the new stadium for the vast majority of rugby games will set you back 100 euros a ticket. To make it tougher again, IRFU is selling tickets only as packages which means to get to the autumn series you will need to fork out 340 euro. For two people travelling together (most fans don't go it alone) you are hence talking 680 euros, plus possibly hotels, petrol, food, drink, the works.

We figured out it is probably cheaper to get a room for 2 at the nearby Four Seasons Hotel and watch the whole thing in spectacular rugby from just a stones throw away.

But hang on a minute now, only a few months ago, the IRFU had managed to goad a gullible public into backing its campaign against plans to force them to not merely sell off TV rights to the highest bidder, thus forcing fans to either go to games, purchase very expensive TV pa…

Finding a sweet spot

Well finally, things worked out. Just 5 weeks after I got let go, I've found myself and extremely lucrative contract in Dublin. Not in Cork, sadly, so the chapter will have to close on some of that life for the time being, but its on the kind of salary that I only ever dreamed I'd get a year or two ago, never mind now.

I am in the lucky situation of facing a situation at the end of this year where potentially I will have taken home an extra 12,000 euro over and above what I expected to earn. I am very close to being not only entirely debt free, but debt free AND earning a good income.

Now without wanting to brag, it was extremely hard work.

I took two pieces of advice:
firstly, the wonderful Grahame MacLoed "Ignore Everybody."

Entrepeneurship is the big buzzword in Ireland. Unfortunately its really the new black - i.e. the substitute for what David McWilliams wonderfully calls "property porn" - basically, asset milking.

Except of course, its even worse.