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The Empower/FETAC scandal is the tip of the iceberg

Two years ago I was invited by an acquaintance to a training day run for the benefit of trainees at a large state department. A critical resource, which I won't go into, to protect the identity of those in powers of influence, for reasons which will become clear.

The acquaintance, after years of operating a very poorly managed sole tradership, had undergone some years of what I can best describe as a life transformation, and appeared to now be trying to make a career out of her experiences, possibly in the hope of offsetting an ailing business (which as I recently discovered, basically charges nearly 160 euros for domestic services which you can do yourself for free - I won't go into any more detail).

I stood in horror, as the acquaintance basically retold her life story, over and over, alongside numerous incorrect "scientific facts" that are not facts at all (the particular subject has 2 well cited studies, but the vast majority of references to them clearly show t…