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Lip Service

I have to admit that Lip Service is gradually growing on me. I wasn't keen on the first couple of episodes, simply because I found so many of the characters unlikeable. I found Cat annoying, her copper girlfriend boring, Frankie is just too much of an Anglicised Shane from the L-Word to be real, and Tess, well, Tess was the more likeable, if too blatantly desperate.

As for the male characters. Oh dear. I find Jay particularly grating: on the whole gangs of gay women tend not to hang around guys who don't really respect women, though of course there are always exceptions. Tess's adoring hanger-on, on the other hand, is very true to life. I do know lots of fairly ordinary, decent guys who hang adoringly around girls who they can't ever have, not out of some mixture of ego and creepy perversion but simply because they just adore those women.

But the series has deepened. I felt the characters were a little shallow and the plotlines a little obvious in the first epis…