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The scandalous case of the Ballymun mother who froze to death

Sometimes I wonder if I am living in a parallel universe to certain sections of the media. Today I was having lunch with a friend on a flying visit to Cork and we were talking about the ongoing scandal of how the media is currently singing the woes of mortgagees and those poor Section 23 Investors (God love them sure!) in arrears at the expense of the catastrophe that is silently taking place in the rented sector without anybody actually noticing. We know of certainly a fair few cases now where somebody has been forced to gived up a tenant and move in with family (hoping and praying that it will work out) because redundancy and the limitations of the SWA RA system have basically shut them in realistic terms, out of housing.

But I wasn't prepared for the dreadful case of Rachel Peavoy, who died of hypothermia in her Ballymun flat on 11th Jan, despite serious efforts to get the council to fix the heating. Apparently, the council refused to turn on the heating simply because the s…

Laurie Penny is looking for a bit of help

Laurie Penny, the very fine writer who writes for various good UK publications, is offering a small income for some research work. Her ad is here. While I don't always agree with her, her writing is very well thought out and a welcome breath of fresh air from the often highly biased writing of many political commentators on both sides of the fence.

Her blog is well worth a read if you have time.

The Forgotten People

I have to say that unlike lots of people, my anger was raised about a 1000 millibars by the shock annoucement during the week that the taxation provisions for civil partnership were simply unceremoniously dumped from the Finance Bill. I am quite sure than 80% of people in Ireland somehow managed to quietly slide this event out of their brains, but a small few of us are very angry indeed.

Now to be honest with you, I'm no huge fan of CP, indeed I think much of the campaign towards legal recognition of gay relationships is part of a huge and caustic conservatism in the gay world, whose main message is "we are just as unchallenging as you" and no, we don't do polyamory, serial monogamy and we are just as good as you at pretending that there is no kink and excitement in our sex lives. Meanwhile there is a quiet but persistent campaign in gay society to marginalise and exclude anybody who represents the old, sex-friendly, non-monogamy friendly movement of non conformist…