Ireland's Future

I find it bemusing and frustrating sometimes when listening to media whining about our new government. It seemed to me that they were written off as a failure long before the election was even announced. "Just the same" went the old broken down record player so many times. The astonishing thing was how persistently, polls appeared to indicated that Enda Kenny was not favoured for Taoiseach, yet FG, nearly 10 years after an election wipeout that nearly crushed the party permanently, was closer than ever before to an overall majority. How could it be?

I think there is huge media bias against Kenny. He's hugely the antithesis of the media-friendly leader. He is not particular charismatic, in fact he's plainly unexciting. And uninterested in licking the boots of the media or putting on a show. And the media love, in particular, being lauded.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the case of the largest Sunday broadsheet editor, a former republican sympathiser turned unionist-sympathiser turned Bertie afficando. The latter occured after, as an apparent reward for positive media assistance, he was appointed to the Senate. Nowhere in the history of the now notorious last governments behaviours has there been a more shameless act of sheer corruption: basically, in reward for manipulating the media, a newspaper editor is appointed to a highly paid and influential political position. We had decades of tribunals and yet nobody pointed out the obvious. It wouldn't happen in Thailand. Or Libya. But we not only let it happen here, we turned a blind eye.

For 4 weeks before the electon, when it was clearly obvious that FG were popular darlings for a large chunk of the electorate, senator editor started shamelessly courting the new political masters. Within a week of winning, he immediately turned on them: obviously his attempts to petition for a reward had fallen on deaf ears.

And yet all we now hear about is insinuations of media moguls attempts to manipulate govt. How real is that in the wake of such a shameless effort to gain favour?


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