Media tidbits

Some interesting tidbits in the papers this week. Boy do I love the fact that one of my minor achievements here was setting up a little regular service to pull news quotes into the company homepage (all about ourselves of course). Of course it merely pulls everything that has even a vague mention so words like "interconnector" trigger a hit.

Anyway this Monday (In the Examiner, p4) saw another 17 properties sent to the grim repo man. One greedy little f**er of an investor had 28 properties, was taking rent, and basically then not paying the mortgages. According to his solicitor he had "seen the light and put a few on the market last Friday". I really feel for this greedy prick's tenants, guys like him are precisely why "we are where we are."

The Indo continued its slide into the Daily Mail's territory with a piece on how some gobshite things he's great for not doing his bit. Apparently the idiot who wrote the snipped on p15 about how he not only continued to watch the match, but turned on his Christmas lights also only showed his own stupidity. There is an old ESB tale about a guy who decided to take matters into his own hands when a friend was disconnected and went down to the substation. Apparently all that was left was his shoes. I could pretty much expect a similar fate for the same gobshiteen, not least from his own stupidity.

The Sindo of 27th March, seriously short of stories, treated us to a photo piece on Lucinda Creighton. Now almost notorious for dismissing support for gay marriage, Creighton went on to say that she hoped she'd be remembered for what she says rather than what she looks like. Somehow I don't think thats going to be a problem, especially for less evolved members of the pro-civil union lobby (especially the ones that all the various lobbies have done a great job of "educating"). Anyway, a sudden realisation hit me with a brick when she mentioned that her hobbies included horse riding and playing tennis. Oh dear, that unfortunately hits me with a very strong and perhaps a little poignant message. Nothing further to say here.


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