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BelongTo and their wonderful work


You might have seen this excellent piece on the Internet lately and if not, please watch it, and tell all of your friends.

Some of the activists who act in our name seem go have forgotten that what underpins concepts like legal recognition of gay relationships is an environment where gay people can live without fear and intimidation. Sone if the activists scoff at and are dismissive of the fact that we are hugely understated in so much of modern life, not merely because of misplaced fear, bug because of an explicit lack of protection under the law.

The key setting fir this is in schools, and this where BelongTo has taken a roots up approach. They are absolutely correct in taking this approach, as any teacher who attempted to do so would be potentially exposing themselves to actions that would legally include sacking. It is to the credit of BelongTo that they do not merely sneer and leave unsupported teachers to f…