10 hints to get your ass off the dole

1. Be realistic about the jobs you seek

2. Apply for what you really want to do

3. Don't over estimate your skills - unless you have undertaken further study or done full time volunteer work using them, they will have deterioriated and in many cases will have dated.

4. Be prepared for discriminatory attitudes and persistent mythical beliefs - you will find that it suits some people to invent a set of beliefs to justify your situation

5. Don't get weighed down by rejection - somebody was better, thats all. Likewise, the past is the past, don't harbour a grudge against your old employer, its gone and they've forgotten you.

6. Use every contact and meeting as an opportunity to gain experience and always look for feedback

7. Work on your individual applications - don't just carpet bomb employers in your area with a generalised CV

8. Build relationships with recruiters who work for multiple clients - they may be useful later on

9. If you were lucky enough to have had an inflated celtic tiger salary, forget about it, its the past, things are very different now and you are unlikely to reach the same levels. On the other hand, people who were underpaid might be surprised to discover that new opportunities might improve their salaries.

10. Be willing to dramatically change your life and outlook in order to find work. If you won't go back to learning, if you won't move and you won't change your way of life, then you won't get work. Its easier to settle for a life of misery on the dole than it is to really change your mindset.


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