When homophobic sins come back to haunt . . .

I was shocked last week to discover that somebody is organising a womens night in the Turks Head. I even discovered that they had a night in May, from here. From similar posts on boards.ie and the style I recognise from somebody who is a real menace on the scene. A self appointed "expert" who pushes a vision of identitity which to be honest is a blinkered ideology that could be quite harmful to people in that position, who really has no credentials aside from life experience, but this is dangerous as this is a highly sensitive issue that needs deep care when dicsussing.

The sad reality is that anybody can appoint themselves as an activist and get into organisations to push talks, seminars, presentations etc. People really don't know better and a lot of harm can be done. It does seem that a couple of organisations have been willing to block this kind of pushy activism and its unfortunate that its crawled into the social scene with little resistance.

The facts on the Turks Head are this:
It was the Parliment and was sold in the early 90s. It was done up and reopened around 1997 or so. The old gay clientele were refused entry or forcibly ejected, often with a lot of verbal and physical abuse.
In 1997 a group of girls who called themselves the lesbian avengers held a "kiss in" on the premises. They were thrown out. It acted as one of the prime movers for the equality legislation that was passed into law in 2000. This is why the gay clientele moved to the Front Lounge.

The hostility and agression didn't end in 2000 however and a cool welcome continued for a few years after. They also made a point in the early years of heavy migration in excluding visible foreigners. Since then they have been more compliant with the law but really this isn't a place which is warmly welcoming to LGBTQ folk and I don't think we should spend our pink pounds there simply because they want us now that their "regulars" are broke. They should have done this in 1997.

Secondly there were lots of pubs which held events - the Castle Inn, Mother Redcaps, some of the pubs and clubs around the quays. These should be getting the business from us long before we turn to the nearest convenient club to the FL.

As for the use of capitals on the queerid website, its clear that this person has the brain capacity of a baboon and the sensitivity of an oaf. It would be better for the LGBT community in Dublin if such people were not organising club nights out and infesting the community.


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