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Xtreamer Ultra review

I subscribe to iBood and ever since I got my grubby paws on a fabulous iomega iStor with 4TB for under 300 euro, I've found it difficult to resist their bargains. My most recent purchase was a South Korean designed HTPC, the Xtreamer Ultra. You can buy these direct, and take the hit from the An Post tax gougers (I really love how they charge you for collecting your taxes and duties!) or buy from a European reseller.

Anyway, the package is attractive, even if you consider the flaws which I will describe later on. The hardware is nVidia ion based with Intel 525 cpu, and it comes with a very generous 4GB of ram installed. There are 6 usb slots, onboard DVI and hdmi sockets (and a vga converter kindly included), a MCE remote control, a very interesting remote control mini keyboard with touchpad, and finally, a 8GB usb key with a Ubunutu based distro, dedicated startup profiles configured for XMBC and Boxee, and finally, a simple Nas distro. Drivers and a few extra apps are includ…