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Priory Hall, the apartment crash, Daft hypes again, and all that

2 interesting ones from this month:

First, have come up with yet another celebrity economist love-in, the usual blatant manipulation of statistics for the usual covert attempts to reignite the fear and panic so typical of the height of the boom. Early in the summer it was using UCD students to strike terror into the heart of 17 year old kids and their parents coming to college (curious, isn't it, when you consider the massive cut to students living up to 30 miles away who now presumably cannot even dare to think about living in Dublin or another university town, never mind paying the pretend increases which I doubt really materialised?) This time it was the usual about increases in rent. 0.1% to be precise. I was going to add a point to the usual celebrity economists blog that 0.1% of 800 a month is 80c, but I decided not to bother. On the flip side, rents in Dublin and Cork are indeed on the way back up - although thankfully not as bad as it was in early 2007…

Why "great employer" reports are a sham

One of the things I've got to see as a contractor is how shitty some workplaces actually are. You get to experience first hand places that have gone to the point that they are no longer allowed to hire permanent staff, and naturally, such a move is a foreboding one that hardly reflects intelligent or practical business or HR practice. Hiring freezes are fine if you are genuinely downsizing, but its now quite common in places where aggressive growth is still occuring. The gap is filled by the usual suspects: outsourcing, offshoring, and the dirtiest of dirty words: contractors. Some are so bad that they even set limits on the length of time contractors can work on continuous assignment, so of course, those workers cannot qualify for the normal protections of equality legislation.

Of course sometimes these workers get paid more, sometimes far more, than the ghost employees they replace. For example, my client sends me out on assignment for a rate almost 3 times my daily rate. …