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It's interesting to see how 2011 has panned out and although I don't buy into the myth that the market will find its own balance and taxes are the big evil, I was rather surprised to see that tourism has picked up quite a lot over the last year.

Surprised because I do find that for a log of the sector, prices have gravitated back towards the extortionate prices of 5 years ago, for everything from room prices to food. Even the lowliest bnb now charges 10 euro minimum for breakfast, which makes that 45 buck room look decidedly more pricey. Similarly, free parking is thing of the past and other things have rapidly crept back while service is poorer than ever.

One laughable feature is gentrification through price. Food and quality doesn't change but a marketing uplift creates an illusion that quality is up to match a new higher price, which in fact hasn't changed! One of the dirty tricks of the Celtic tiger.

Another one that's come back with a bang is leaving the 17 ye…