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The High Dependency Support model

Its not often I talk about work, as my clients and their clients identities need to be respected and confidentiality kept to, but I can't really help discussing the problems of the models we have come to know and love.

Many companies now, in terms of IT support, follow either the broad ISO20000/ITIL model or some form of similar models. Whats really critical, however, is not your model, but that what you use and pay for not only covers your needs and your customers needs, but has sufficient and appropriate support, whether you provide it through your own staff or buy the services elsewhere. Training and education is also very important, and I cannot stress enough the criticality of managing your estate in realtime, with full, up-to-date support contracts, proper cover for critical applications and services, and that your staff, contractors and external providers are kept informed on these and any changes.

Its not difficult to implement a proper change control process. Many years a…