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The joy of 3g

I recently moved home, and am delighted to say that after 13 years of suffering am overjoyed to at last free myself of the shackles of Eircom (or eirCon as they are better called).  For the last 20 years since Ireland's pretend deregulation started, eircom have not only continued to gouge the public with the most expensive and most backward telecoms in Europe (my former client, who shalll not be named, was horrified to discover that an identical network line costs 10 times more down South than up North - if ever there was a case against reunification, this has to be it).  The worst for techies like myself has been not only the dearth of networked services, and their extreme costs, which as above, run into multiples of identical services in other countries, but also non availability and quite frankly, shite quality of existing services.Back in my last years in Cork, when I had to have home broadband in order to work on call rotas, I was shackled to eircon for home phone.  In those …