The Referendum

I have to admit I've entirely switched off on via so called fiscal treaty. Yet I will most definitely be voting in favour of it. Why? Because I believe we should not spend so much money that we have to borrow so much in the first place.

Paying secretaries in the public sector a premium of 50% just for being there, the legendary salary markups in the energy companies, the absence of a real performance assessment, these have driven costs to unsustainable proportions.
For those working in that sector, the best reality they can hope for is a pay freeze lasting 10 years or less.

As for the nonsense of a so called stimulus package, every single stimulus in the world has been a failure and just added more debt to be paid off by future generations. The sad reality is that pumping any extra cash into the current system will go to the winners, not those who actually need it.

Finally, I question the integrity of the anti treaty organisations. Don't start me on libertas, they are just so creepy and false its hard to see what they stand for. Ganley's new found federalism is too good to be true. The indies are only out for themselves.

The far left, as one local here described them, are a 'cod.' they are more interested in the politics of agitation than making real change.

But the most sinister of all is Sinn Fein IRA, and I refuse to remove Thais military wing in any pretence that they've gone away. SFIRA know full well that a rejection of the treaty would end us with strong chance of withholding of existing funds, out of fear we'd just not pay.

In order to protect the state from collapse, the govt would have no choice but to call an emergency budget, cut all public sector pay by 50%, same for welfare and pensions and reduce or remove non essential services. The impact of this would be catastrophic. We'd see riots and protests on an unimaginable scale.

My theory is that sfira want this and have a plan to exploit it. I'd go as far as suggesting they even have a plan in place to instigate a coup once the social chaos is sufficient. Then their colonisation of the island proper will begin, with a probable 3 way civil war or bloody proportions.

So vote yes? Hell yeah.


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