Why Plan B is just wrong

I notice "Claiming Our Future" is now moving on to "plan B."  Plan B, in case you haven't already heard it, is basically a rehash of plan A. I.e. hands off our fat cat public sector and semi-state/grant-aided salaries.
This time though, the attack is on "austerity."  This is terribly trendy nowadays.  What "austerity" really is, is not spending money you don't have.  Of course, what COF wants the government to do, is to dip even deeper into the private sector pension fund and national pension reserve, and spend spend spend.  On themselves of course, to keep their salaries bloated.  Its laughable, because they really should be called "stealing YOUR future" because its younger people whose future they are mortgaging to the hilt to pay for their fat cat lifestyles.

Nothing to see here, move along now.


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