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On the UK Gay Marriage consultation

A lot of people got rather upset over the week about the apparent u-turn on the Tory government's commitment to having proper civil marriages for same-sex couples, one that isn't just a stick on, additional relationship form to prevent rocking the boat of more conservative folk. I certainly agree strongly with the trans communities that the plans treat transpeople in an extremely unfair way, invalidating previous marriages (one activist describes it as "confiscating") on transition and refusing to re-recognise their marriages after transition is complete. However, there are fundamental flaws to the whole gay marriage argument that totally disregards more vulnerable LGBT people and more importantly, turns a blind eye to the problems still experienced by gay folk in general.

There is a misconception out there that people "gain rights" by marriage. This is not the case: ask any hetero couple and they will tell you that certain responsiblities are conferred a…