An Open Letter to the London Irish Centre in Camden RE use as venue for "Radfem2013"

Dear LIC:
First may I express my wholehearted thanks to you for support you showed to myself and my former partner when I was in London in late 2001.  It was a time of my life of extreme hardship, unemployment, borderline homelessness, and the advice and support that the centre offered to me at that time was invaluable, and helped me cope with very difficult personal circumstances.  The centre is a fantastic resource for the Irish and indeed the entire community, one which I hope continues to exist for the sake of many people now forced into economic exile.
Its with deep sadness that I see that the centre is to be used as venue for the Radical Feminist conference in June.  I always understood such venues to be welcoming places for all of the community, and in particular to respect those who are most oppressed.  RadFem2013 not only expressly asks women who have undergone gender transition from their biological gender to stay away, they also ask "born" women in attendance to either remain silent if they disagree with this policy, to stay away, or leave.
I don't think a conference of such an oppressive nature is compatible with the progressive and socially inclusive nature of the centre.  In Ireland, we are still well behind much of Europe in terms of legal provision for people who are gender variant, and much needs to be done to change this.  To permit an Irish resource to be used to house people who actively campaign against improvements for the trans-community (for want of a better word) is to side with that oppression.  I hope you will re-consider the appropriateness of use of the centre for such a group, and the reinforcing role of being seen to "side" with such a contentious position.
Yours sincerely,
Laura F Farrell


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