HP BL460 G8 blades in Windows 2008R2 with 10g NICs

If you install Windows 2008R2 from an MDT prep done on a G6 or G7, you'll quickly spot the gaping hole where drivers should be for NIC drivers for the new broadcom 10GB network cards.  Well, there is that, as I mentioned previously, plus another juicy problem with phantom iSCSI client devices appearing in device manager.

I haven't actually figured out how to install these if you need them, but if you are not, then you need to clear the yellow bangs that appear in device manager, because either you can't disable these or install a driver.

Here is the fix.  Back in my early days on hands-on madness, HP used to supply the broadcom suite as standard for the nics.  No longer, you need to manually install to disable these.  Here's how:

  1. To turn off the iSCSI offload
  2. Download the Broadcom ADvanced Control Suite from http://www.broadcom.com/support/ethernet_nic/netxtremeii10.php#mgmt_apps - end of page
  3. Install on the server with the card installed
  4. Open the control suite and change the filter to all view->configurations
  5. Expand the Port0 and port1 sections under "adapter 1" in the explorer view window
  6. Left ckick on the device [0076] HP 530FLB DP Virtual bus device
  7. If configurations view is selected you should see advance, resource reservations and licesnes - expand resource resarvations
  8. Click the configure button
  9. Here is the odd bit - the adapter is already "disabled" but not picking up as such in the OS - we need to disable it fully - tick the "disabled" box beside iSCSI under protocols and then unticket it again
  10. Click on "next" tab underneath
  11. You'll get a message warning you about disabling the nic - tick yes!
  12. After a few seconds your connectivity will reestablish itself
  13. Check device manager - the device with the yellow bang will disappear
  14. Repeat Steps for the port1 device - device manager will automatically removed the yellow banged out devices


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