Installing a spanking new HP BL460c G8 blade

HP's newer blades have some cracking specs and very good hardware to go with them, and are great for ESX: I installed a bunch of ESX blades in cluster as part of a scope out for my client's customer last year, and had a number of hiccups getting G7 blades to work with 4.0u4 of ESX, so I expected some bother in getting G8 to install Windows 2008R2 from an MDT based deployment.  Here's how I sorted out the problems.

Access to the iLO 4.0

First you need to configure access to the iLO.  Here's what to do to setup the enclosure ILO configuration

Logon to OA (thats the web page for the C7000 blade enclosure for you mere mortals)
Go to enclosure settings and expand the menu
Select "enclosure bay IP addresses"
Configure the IP settings for the device bay
Scroll to end of screen and click apply
-->note - you'll probably need to logon and logout - the (i) should disappear from the device image on the front view on the graphic display
You should now be able to access the iLO
Open the ILO and select web administration
Select administration-->network
Fill out the iLO subsystem name with the device's hostname

Windows MDT installation configuration:

Your older MDT config probably doesn't contain the drivers for the G8 NIC so this needs to be updated - the file to download from the HP website is cp018065.exe
Double click on the file and extract to a share accessible to the location where you are editing MDT from
Open the MDT workbench from the appropriate location
Open your MDT share
Add the extracted drivers to the additional drivers in MDT
I also updated my MDT boot image with an additional directory, to ensure that I can manually start the driver if WinPE didn't load it (this wasn't necessary - but if it didn't work, you should be able to cd to the additional directory - mine copied into C:\TEMP\1\MDTUpdate.3868\Mount\, press F8 from the command line when your MDT WinPE boot environment starts and cd to this location - type drvload evdb.inf which will load the HP driver for the NIC - netsh and other command based network tools should now see your dual headed NIC as "local area connection" and "local area connection 1")
Now close your MDT share and exit workbench - you should now have an updated boot image that will load the G8 NIC driver on startup


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