Unasked for advice for would-be commenteers

Folks, if you are going to comment on somebodies blog, particularly one like this that is often "technical" in some way or another, don't do the following.  Don't insinuate that I'm a bit thick or something and thats why I had difficulty with a setup.  Don't suggest fixes that I've clearly stated I managed to resolve months ago.  Don't question why I went for one operating system over another (I AM A PROFESSIONAL WINDOWS SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR - DOES THAT EXPLAIN ANYTHING?????)  And above all, don't finish it off by asking "any suggestions" to your own unresolved technical issue from this silly girl who god-love-her, has the neck and nerve to think she work in IT as a woman and be respected for technical skills!

PS Try using a fixed ip and map your drives to an alias rather than a physical address?


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