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Celebrating 6 years on Twitter

Downloaded my tweets the other week and was surprised to find out so much about myself.  For example, being not long out of a relationship which ended badly, the first year is moribund, emotionally disconnected tweets.  Then I went driving all over California in April 2009, and came back a new woman.  From then on, they get interesting - and delighted that one of the first tweets after that relates to something I really only picked up on later on.  If you know my writing, Twitter, blogging and girl crushes, you'll spot it quickly enough ;-)

I've gone back 2 years as some of them were really just so funny and natural ...

2011-04-14 17:03Aib staffer at dart st reading a presentation - can't help noticing words "to achieve our vision" - would like to add
..."With everybody elses money"
Note to all you aib staffers who take home work presentations - don't read it on the dart, your owners sit opposite
2011-04-15 22:16:18High kings have worst vocal techniqu…

Un-nationhood? Language & perceptions of privilege in Irish society

Today I discovered a little blog where somebody waves their arms persistently and wildly about the disgraceful state of this country towards native speakers, and how their rights are persistently denied.

Hang on, you say, isn't Irish (or Gaelige), our native language? Enshrined as such in the constitution, empowered by law, every state agency there is having to hire many happy minions of adoring speakers (including some great friends) to ensure that happens?
Indeed it is, but read on.
This chap, anyway, claims to have been arrested, because when he was asked a question by a member of the Gardaí Síochána, they wouldn't (or probably couldn't) understand him, and he refused to speak in plain English.
So it appears that he was made accompany them to the nearest station, where he had to wait for a suitably competent Irish speaker to arrive, and continue whatever business it was in said language. The gentleman in question is now crying "discrimination." In fact he's…