A call for an end to Baba Politics in Ireland

I've actually hit a point lately where I leave my parents house if the Late Late Show is on the TV, and I resolutely react with horror if I accidentally land on a news broadcast, a current affairs programme, or worst of all, a chatshow. Which is difficult, because for about 15 years at least, about 90% of ALL talk radio during weekdays are chatshows. Even the sports shows are essentially chatshows, indistinguishable from each other to such an extent I personally cannot detect any difference between the Newstalk Spot programme now and the one that allegedly walked off the air a few months ago. Different? I can't hear it, or see anything different.

Unfortunately one thing never changes and that is the persistent infantillism that exists in our politics, and indeed our mindset. This was best exemplified last week in an incredible statement by a family member of one of the sadly perished seafarers that unfortunately are all too often drowning on the waters. I dread to see the red coastguard helicopter flying over my home, because sometimes it indicates a search. Anyway, a family member apparently has blamed the government for their relatives drowning. How about that? Drowning at sea is now the fault of the government. Tragic and sad as it is, as far as I was aware, the government did not have power over bad weather, strong currents or dangerous waves. Nor did it have a magic wand to wave over unsafe work practices, missed safety opportunities, or just plain bad luck. But it typifies the mindset in Ireland of the adult child wanting their life to be "fixed" by a benevolent parental government.

And we have an opposition worthy of such a system. When you were at school the bold boys sat down the back, didn't wear a proper uniform, made smart comments and tried to constantly outsmart the system. We have our bold boys in government now, elected by an idiot savant public who are happy to take the piss out of the system like Dustin in the Eurovision. The Micks, the Mings, the Socialists, Shinners and People Against Profits. Except the Shinners are a slightly more malevolent form: they are the equivalent of the guy who'd box you on the way out, take your lunch money and demand you do what you're told. And like good little children there is no end of morons willing to vote for such figures and give them power. And so they don't provide any credible opposition, instead choosing to indulge in playground games and gratify themselves.

Somebody joked last week that only in Ireland would somebody resign in disgrace because they paid their taxes. Well one of the bold boys has done just that. Apparently a Socialist councillor resigned in shame because a family member inadverently paid their property tax bill. Only in Ireland would "socialists" be fighting for the entitled middle class property owners while nearly a quarter of the population, mostly representing the poorer 25%, rot in the rental sectors. Idiots abound willing to follow this pied piper: I hear otherwise adult colleagues (some Shinners I suspect) who've resolutely refused to pay their tax as a form of "sending a message" or "making a statement." Well guess what: my Dad used to "make a statement" every year by putting his tax return in late. The response was a slap of a 11% penalty for late filling. Like all bold boys, he wore this as a badge of honour, despite the fact that it diminished the rest of his tenuous income by around 5-6%. Those thickos who choose not to pay their property taxes will see it doubled and removed from their wages alongside income tax - meaning somebody with a 300 euro tax and a 150 back charge will end up losing nearly double that. Forgive me for seeming naive or something, but surely all they are doing is giving EVEN MORE to a hated government?

Meanwhile, the slowest voters of them all have reverted to form and are back, cap in hand, to their FF masters. This is the equivalent of Squire Hockey back on his horse looking down on the rest of you peasants. Mehole Martin, a clever speaker, has done his choirboy routine well enough to scrape things back. The problem is, the retards ready to vote for him don't want change: they want their toys back. They want the celtic tiger back as it was, they want the corruption, the political patronage, the bribery, the jobs for the boys (their boys), the glorification of the idiot over the intelligent, smart person. The triumph of the moronic.

We'e missed such opportunities during the last 5 years such as a chance to really change the grossly unfair housing system that created such problems in the first place. With such excess housing, we could have offered social or quasi social housing in hard-to-let/sell rural areas such as Leitrim and Roscommon in order to REPOPULATE their populations lost to decades of emigration at attractive prices, and avoided decay and ruin. We could have let out commercial units simply decaying as bargains to regenerate local business to aspiring entrepreneurs. We could have retrained staff being let go from dying industries in new ones - instead letting these go to other countries. We could have penalised companies who shat their already heavily state subsidised staff onto the dole by pulling their attractive tax reliefs - instead we tipped our cap to them and incentivised them to lay off even more by subsidising redundancy payments. And we continue to tip our caps to the Apples, the Googles, and others, who repay us by secretly allowing other states to them spy on us.

I think its high time we grew up and demanded accountability. From all elected reps, not just the winners. We need a credible opposition, not a back-of-the-class lynch mob. We need an end to the bully-boy politics of Sinn Fein IRA. We need an end to cosy deals between sporting organisations and political ascendancies. Only then, are we worthy of independence, because right now, we've made a dogs dinner of this country, and continue to do so.


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