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Banishing the Shame paradigm, the orthorexia myth and rewarding exercise

The Orthorexia Myth & Paradigms of Shame in Popular Health Culture There is something I want to get off my chest.  No really.  Too often, when you talk about food, dieting, obesity, etc., the conversation is too frequently being shut down with catcalls of "food fads", "over restriction" and obsessive eating.  I have many friends who are vegan.  I've been out to dinner in public with them and noticed how difficult it is for them, and to be honest, way beyond what its like for me as a meat-eating low-carber.  Yet nobody, nobody ever describes a vegetarian as faddish or orthorexic.
Last week I booked myself onto my first ever IT roadshow.  It’s a hybrid cloud development multiday event for professionals.  It will be, unfortunately, probably dominated by largely male developers, designers and founders.  Food is provided and they kindly have a checklist of dietary needs.  Everything is there: gluten free, vegan, even kosher.  There were 8 categories, mostly do…