I'm fine, and you are too

Just a quick note to everybody who actually bothers reading this (thank you for your time and attention, whoever you are), that I'm ok.  My social media hiatus is now on it's 8th day, and frankly, I'm keeping it going for at least another week, if not longer and probably will entirely change how I use social media after that, when I do return.

I realise two things:
1) An awful lot of people linger under the false notion that what happens online is not "real" and therefore inconsequential.  No matter how much you understand this is not the case, it is still possible to fall into the trap of forgetting that well, there is no hiding online and increasingly less room for ambiguity.  This colours an awful lot of what goes on via social media, especially in a world where a lot of folk still linger under the illusion that they can "manage" their own self-image online towards others.
2) Otherwise there is a hell of a lot going on in our heads that is just in our heads.  We are incapable of reading each others minds, detecting agendas, rationales, etc.  We tell ourselves stories to suit our identities, beliefs and desires.  This often conflicts with the stories others, similarly, compose for themsevles.  This leads to a lot of misunderstanding and unecessary conflict.

A lot of what I'm working on at the moment is about item 2.  (Honestly, I'm not in trouble or anything, something seemingly very small happened online that triggered very deep hurt.  That's all I'm going to say about it).  Its requiring a lot of silence of different kinds, and a lot of reflective space.  I will be back soon, I promise, and will be dropping the odd blogpost to remind you that yes - I'm fine!


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