My advice to my 27-year old self

1. Don't overcommit - there is a limited number of hours per week.  Some of those jobs you are committed to are not as committed to you as you are to them.  (Remember Wexford?)
2. Give up smoking - now.  You'll save a fortune in time, money and feel a lot better.  Its going to get a lot worse as you get older.
3. Lose weight. You'll enjoy the health benefits and that look of disgust you see on some people's faces will disappear.  Start exercising now.
4. Those "friends" you drink with - only two of them are true friends.  This will become evident very quickly.  You're spending an awful lot of time on people who do not care about you, though you might thinkg you do.
5. Don't throw away your values or family for empty promises: they don't materialise or run when things get tough
6. Don't be mean.  Don't make explicit or implicit promises you won't keep and don't lead people to think otherwise for the excitement of a brief affair.  Its not fair.
7. Never, ever compromise on giving away your time or company to anybody who doesn't reciprocate.  Those people who you regard as losers but feel bad about looking down on: don't buy into the guilt-trip of faux compassion.  They will bleed you dry and leave you with nothing if you let them.  Don't hang around people you don't like out of guilt.  Don't feel compelled to inherit everybody elses annoying drinking buddies.  Anybody who forces you to do so is not your friend.
8. Cut your drinking.  It often ruins a good night and you feel the pain the next day.  Learn to stop drunk texting and don't say mean stuff you regret later.  Don't brag about your exploits.
9. If you feel unhappy or uncomfortable, never apologise for slipping away.  If you feel angry or hurt, turn off the phone and start walking home.
10. You're going to learn that music isn't everything, but neither is money, status or having a lifestyle.  Grab every chance you have to learn: there is going to be a lot.


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