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Where does a liberated world actually go?

Where it SHOULDN'T go:

Into a self defeating hole of endless point scoring between different scores (victimhood contests)Into endless bouts of depression, self-reflection and defeatist acceptanceBack to the past, giving in to the prejudices around race and gender that embolden demagogueryInto an unwinnable street war of protest that enables steam to be let off but doesn't threaten the status quoInto denialInto retreat, to the safe bubbles of the very existences than encourage accusations of elitisminto yet another continuous rant into how cruel the whole world is and how we need to pull down Angela Merkel/Capitalism in general (because that's precisely what has fed Trumpism)
What is helpful
Interpersonal reflectiveness about how to listen to others (have a look at action - this shouldn't just stop because two major nations have abandoned its ideals (start here…

You're fired

I woke up in the middle of the night in the early hours of November 9th to hear, as I had increasingly started to expect a "surprise" Trump victory slowly taking place in the US.I have to say I was neither shocked nor surprised.I had mixed feelings about the polls that had largely showed a strong probability towards Clinton and the DNC, although I also persistently just had a feeling that things were being missed, sentiments were being lost in the hubris.To me it seemed like a sign of deep anxiety that so many media organisations, many for the first time in history, were endorsing Mrs Clinton.

I would say, I regard Mrs Clinton with deep respect, a hard-working stateswoman and a "safe pair of hands".Her husband's infidelities, I feel, is her own affair, not mine.I would regard most of the blatantly partisan attacks on her as just that: in any case, none of the ridiculous level of investigations into her alleged misuse of power have resulted in anything more th…