Where does a liberated world actually go?

Where it SHOULDN'T go:

  • Into a self defeating hole of endless point scoring between different scores (victimhood contests)
  • Into endless bouts of depression, self-reflection and defeatist acceptance
  • Back to the past, giving in to the prejudices around race and gender that embolden demagoguery
  • Into an unwinnable street war of protest that enables steam to be let off but doesn't threaten the status quo
  • Into denial
  • Into retreat, to the safe bubbles of the very existences than encourage accusations of elitism
  • into yet another continuous rant into how cruel the whole world is and how we need to pull down Angela Merkel/Capitalism in general (because that's precisely what has fed Trumpism)

What is helpful

  • Interpersonal reflectiveness about how to listen to others (have a look at www.cleanlanguage.co.uk)
  • Climate action - this shouldn't just stop because two major nations have abandoned its ideals (start here http://donellameadows.org/)
  • Considering better ways to embed socially fair critiques in a way that doesn't alienate the mainstream (start with Werner Ulrich here at http://wulrich.com/ - his paper introducing Critical Systems Heuristic is deeply hopeful)
  • Read the obituary of the late Stafford Beer at https://www.theguardian.com/news/2002/sep/04/guardianobituaries.obituaries
  • JOIN your mainstream political parties and get involved in order to prevent them from being hijacked and/or sabotaged by extreme groups, or being crushed by opposing populists.  A big part of the current political problem is that people have abandoned the left: of COURSE they have, they have endured a decade of being screamed at by fucktards like Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz who have asked ordinary taxpayers in wealthy countries like the UK, US and Germany to kindly gift huge sums to places like Greece, who don't give a toss about reform and just see the EU as a great big begging bowl to dip into.  As long as we keep piling blame on the mainstream of politics, there will be a huge hunger for extremists to eat into the mainstream vote.  This is causing the collapse of the political establishment in some countries, and its hijack in others (UK and USA are the first countries where mainstream parties have been taken over by extreme groups on both sides).  We CANNOT let this continue.  We MUST have a politics that is there for everybody, and not just people who can afford to wait until the most puritanical candidate comes along.
  • Politics is neither a purification rite of victimhood, nor is it a Nietzschesque crushing of the weak.  Power is a delicate thing, to be utilised to the benefit of the maximum number of people, and not special interest groups at either end.  Folk in the middle are very quick to adopt tropes of victimhood, even where it is not entirely justified.
  • Do be careful about the media that you support, whether explicitly, by buying it, subscribing, or by reading online through advertising.  "Fake news" is a hot topic but lets be quite honest, there has been so much utter rubbish written in the mainstream press (the Guardian is particularly laughable) its unsurprising it has lost so much.  Also, the so-called mainstream press happily advances the lifestyle of conspicuous consumerism while decrying avarcise: this is plain bullshit IMO.  You cannot tell people on one hand that they need to pay more tax to cater for the needy while in parallel telling them they need to spend €1000 on their partner at Christmas.  That's precisely what feeds the sense of political abandonment Trumpism thrives on.  Populists run around my town telling wealthy home owners on 100k a year how "poor" they are.  That's bullshit.
And finally, read these words from the late Dana Meadows about the media coverage of Chernobyl.   It is surprising that somebody writing about an event 30 years ago can give so much insight into the way the media works and the biases that conceal levers of power in the media and its social role.   I'll leave you with her wise words:

The Western media are more skilled and convincing, and we are too likely to believe them without reservation. We come to think that all politicians are crooked, that every tourist will meet a terrorist, that all of Africa is starving. We lose sight of the productive workers, bumper harvests, honest public servants, and human generosity that dominate the Soviet media but are to our media just Not News.

There’s no question about which set of media I prefer. I think Americans are the best-informed people in the world, or at least they can be, if they make use of the diverse news sources available to them. But I have to keep reminding myself that the free press I respect and depend on is not unbiased. To see the world whole I have to read between the lines as the Soviets do, factoring in not cynicism, but optimism and trust, a little faith in humanity, an awareness that much of the world, much of the time, is not making news.


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